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This Is probably the first time you are purchasing a car or you are looking for your next car. You are thinking what features should my perfect car have? How many cars out there resemble my perfect car? The process of decision making or narrowing down your options can be a tedious process. You want a car that will serve you for years to come. To make it easier you need to have a plan and look into various sources and online marketplaces like Cheki Kenya. Here are several steps you can follow to arrive at that perfect car.



The first thing before coming up with what you want, is putting your needs first. This is then followed by several questions in mind such as:

Do you need space for more passengers? 

Does the performance of the car matter to you?

Do you need a car fit for business or family?

What type of features must your car have? 

How much will the resale of your car be?

How much fuel does your car consume?

What will be the car’s  maintenance cost?


Car buying entails making an important and expensive purchase. Unless you are willing to purchase the car directly using cash, you will need to come up with a way of financing it. Having a planned budget will help you do away with cars that are not fit for you. Option number two is the car financing option. This is where you find the various number of asset finance partners. You have to make the option that is offering a good value for your money after car valuation is done.


Automotive websites such as ours have a very easy dashboard to navigate. You can filter the search by make or model, highest to lowest price and the year of manufacture. You can narrow down your search by choosing an example of five cars you may be interested in. Go ahead and read the reviews done by various car dealerships and companies.Just because you had a certain car in mind, doesn’t mean you can overlook one that will suit your needs. With so many car models, it is important to do a comparative analysis of competing models. 


Most people don’t get to do a test drive especially if they are importing a car. However, a test drive is equally important in the car buying process. By all means go for a test drive. It is not just about how you feel behind the wheel and if you can reach for the controls of the car. A test drive gives you an opportunity to know if the car is well maintained, for the case of used cars and everything is in working order. For new cars it affirms whether for example the engine performance is as stated and to your satisfaction. Be on the lookout for anything out of place that would become a future bill.


It is time to sit back and review all the research and footwork that you have done and pick your car. Arriving at this decision might not have been easy, but the end result is a decision that you are proud of and so far you are doing an amazing job. It is time to negotiate your car price.Some people choose not to go through this, but initiating this conversation with the car dealership will save you a lot of money. Be sure to investigate several dealers to avoid getting duped and end up paying a higher price. 



Finding your perfect car is definitely not a walk in the park. There are many decisions to be made down to the colour of your car. After doing your research, you can be assured and confident that you have arrived at the best choice of car.The final decision is definitely more about personal taste. You can read more about documentation of your new car before you hit the road with your perfect car.

Lilian Muhami